Panasonic Cinema Camera EVA1

EVA1 features Panasonic’s high-end 5.7 K Super 35 mm sensor to achieve 4K/10-bit 4:2:2 images from an extremely compact body. With a wide 14-stop dynamic range, V-Log gamma, and wide-color-gamut V-Gamut colorimetry inherited from the VariCam Series, images are infused with the cinematic VariCam Look. Dual native 800/2500 ISO offers impressive sensitivity with low noise, while high-frame-rate recordings at 4K/60 fps and 2K/240 fps beckon with new creative possibilities, as does the IR (infrared ray) cut-filter ON/OFF mechanism for surreal IR footage in Cinematography mode.

With a body weight of just 1.2 kg (2.6 lb.), EVA1 is easy to shoot and comes with EF lens-mount (check lens compatibility before purchase). LCD monitor brings touch-panel convenience and allows flexible mounting. Detachable handle and rotary grip, meanwhile, add a new dimension to mobility, enabling convenient camera attachment to drones and gimbals.




SPECIFICATIONS WEIGHT Body: Approx. 1.2 kg (2.65 lb.) (excluding accessories) Shooting: Approx. 2.05 kg (4.52 lb.) (with accessories) SENSOR Super 35 mm, MOS sensor DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 135 mm (W) x 133 mm (H) x 170 mm (D) (excluding protrusions and accessories) (5-5/16 inches x 5-1/4 inches x 6-11/16 inches) LENS MOUNT EF mount OPTICAL FILTER ND filter: 1: CLEAR, 2: 0.6 ND, 3: 1.2 ND, 4: 1.8 ND MEDIA SHOT SD memory card POWER CONSUMPTION 19 W (with LCD/HDMI/SDI ON)



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